All-private SpaceX  Return Home From the ISS

Astronaut Mission to

The first all-private mission

to the International Space Station is slated to complete the final leg of its journey this week

Mission called AX-1

was brokered by the Texas-based startup Axiom Space, which books rocket rides and coordinates flights to the ISS for anyone who can afford it.

The mission has set off

yet another round of debate about whether people who pay their way to space should be referred to as "astronauts," 

The four crew members

are slated to leave the space station aboard their SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule on Tuesday around 10:00 pm ET.

According to NASA

 They're slated to parachute to a splashdown landing aboard their spacecraft Wednesday afternoon

They'll spend

 the rest of the day aboard the 13-foot-wide capsule as it maneuvers back toward the edge of the Earth's thick atmosphere.

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