Avengers VS X-Men VS Eternals: Biggest 


Marvel officially announced its summer 2022 comic event, and it looks like a big one.. The story will see the Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals face-off against each other. 

The Judgement Day

The announcement included a foreboding quote from X-Men adversary Irene Adler alongside it: "There will always be a war. That's the one thing one can always be sure of." Irene is Blind but able to accurately predict future.

Adversary Of The X-Men

Another image included a quote from Tony Stark: "Speaking broadly, I'm pro-hubris. But... How on Earth do you think we're going to make a god in a few hours?"

Gods Are Rare These Days

In the final string of quotes, Druig takes the stage, threatening the X-Men: "For a million years, Earth has been protected from the deviants. But we made a mistake... we missed some. The Mutants.

An Anti-Mutant Eternal

Druig is an Eternal who can control other sentient beings, a power he primarily uses to control humans and stop them from fighting as he sees fit. His inspiration may have come from the Greek deity Dolos.

In Case You Not Know

This isn't the first time this event has been teased. Last December, the company first hinted at the event with a simple image stating: "Judgement day is coming." More Like The Biggest Crossover Is Coming.

Judgement Day = Crossover Day

Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals Duke It Out. Not many story details are known, but the event has been teased since last summer. Marvel does love its match-up events. From Civil War to Civil War 2 and Avengers vs. X-Men, the publishing company can't get enough.

Marvel's Mortal Combat

Marvel wants to capitalize on the synergy between their brands, so the Eternals in a landscape-altering comic event is the obvious move. This means that the MCU could also be getting its first mutants in the near future.

Marvel Makes Their Own Mutants

Scarlet Witch & Nightcrawler Had An Overpowered 

X-Men Daughter