Astra Aims to Launch Two  Nasa Satellites

Tiny Hurricane-Studying

Astra aims 

to notch its second consecutive satellite-deploying success this weekend.

The California-based startup

is targeting no earlier than Sunday (June 12) for the launch of two tiny cubesats for NASA's Time-Resolved Observations

Astra and NASA have not 

yet published a launch window for Sunday's planned attempt, which will take place from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station 

The two-stage LV0010

 appears to be ready to go; the rocket aced a static fire test — a routine preflight check 

 Astra had reached

 orbit before, but that was on a test flight that did not carry any operational satellites.

On March 15, LV0009 deployed

a variety of customer payloads into their designated orbit shortly after lifting off from the Pacific Spaceport Complex

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