Asteroid, Large As The Hurtling Towards Earth

Empire State Building Is


Asteroid, as large as the Empire State Building, is hurtling towards Earth

The discovery of this star which has been nicknamed 'Earendel' sets a new benchmark for NASA as the star was formed in the first billion years after the Universe was formed.

According To American Space Agency

An unusually massive asteroid will be approaching the Earth today accompanied by two of its 'lackeys'

Three Dangerous Asteroids

are headed towards Earth and one among them is as large as the Empire State Building.

If This Asteroid

even accidentally, were to strike the Earth, it would cause large-scale destruction.

In The Last Month

we have seen two instances of an asteroid striking the planet, with 2022 EB5 being the more noteworthy among them.

We Are Lucky That

those asteroids were extremely small and did not cause much damage. But, when a 210 meters wide asteroid strikes, things will be very different.

Strange 'Reverse Shock  In A Wrong Direction

Wave' Supernova Exploding