Is Tesla Making A  Could It Cost?

Phone And What

Elon Musk Is Ever The Entrepreneur

Tesla continues to dominate the world of electric vehicles, but – as evidenced by his ventures into interplanetary and subterranean travel.

If latest Rumors Are To Be Believed

Musk might be exploring the lucrative world of smartphones with the production of a so-called “Tesla Phone.”

No Production Plans Confirmed Yet

However, Industry insiders expect the company to launch its first smartphone late next year or in early 2024

Experts Add A New Spec

They say: The new phone will be better integrated with Tesla's cars, giving them more controls through the tap of a button.

The Model Pi Speculation

Comes largely from mockups on YouTube-Twitter, with a variety of designs floating around along with a wild list of specs.

Despite Widespread Leaks

Despite Widespread industry leaks and rumors, the Texas-based company has been tight-lipped about Tesla Phone. 

Waiting For Tesla  Good News

Cybertruck – Here’s A