Ancient Meteor Shower To 

Pass Over The Big Country

Lyrid Meteor Shower Which Is...

Set to pass over the Big Country, brings an end to the annual meteor shower drought that occurs January through mid-April.

While Not As “Flashy”

As other showers during the year, this is one of the oldest showers in history.

The Lyrid Meteor

Shower is among the oldest recorded meteor showers in history, according to EarthSky.

Records For The Lyrids Go Back

2,700 years, discovered by ancient China in 687 BCE. The Lyrids, like most meteor showers, are caused by debris from a passing comet.

In This Case

The comet in question is Comet Thatcher. Thatcher was found in 1861 and takes 417 years to orbit the sun once.

We Won’t See Thatcher

With the shower though, it is currently more than nine billion miles from earth.

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