Johnny Depp Leaked  $50M Lawsuit

Amber Heard Punched

Recordings Confirm 

Divorce Ain't Cheap

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard settled their long divorce back in 2016, but are still fighting one another in court, thanks to the $50 million defamation suit Depp filed against Heard last March

Indirect Accusations On Johnny Depp

In a Washington Post Piece Heard talked about enduring domestic violence but she didn't mention Johnny Depp. But Depp maintains anyone who reads it would believe he was the ex-partner to who she was referring.

Pirates Got Dragged Into The Mess

Amber Heard drags the producer behind some of Depp's Films including Pirates of The Caribbean. Depp filed a petition in return rejecting Amber's Summon to the court, insisting "communication between him and the producer" behind some of his films should not be dragged into the case.

Few... Recordings Later...

Meanwhile, audio recordings of Depp and Heard arguing in 2015 recently surfaced and seem to incriminate both of them as far as who abused whom.

She Hit But Didn't Punch

"Babe, you're not punched …," Heard says at one point in the recordings. "I don't know what the motion of my actual hand was, but you're fine. I did not hurt you, I did not punch you, I was hitting you," Heard adds.

Depp Seems A Nice Guy!

Later in the recording, Depp can be heard saying, "I do not want to leave you. I do not want a divorce, I do not want you out of my life. I just want peace. If things get physical, we have to separate."

Flush Her Out Of Aquaman Franshise

The recordings led some fans to create an online petition demanding Amber Heard to be removed from the "Aquaman" film releasing on 16 December 2022 with Jason Momoa

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