Amazon Creep Out People 

With Voices Of Dead

Creepy monstrosity was the

reactions on social media when Alexa was reading an extract from “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" impersonating a grandmother  

It ll started when 

chief scientist Rohit prasad tried to demonstrate Alexa's human-like mien during a presentation in the company 

Prasad wanted to explore the 

companionable relationship users develop with Alexa and also said “empathy and affect” are key for building trust

Prasad added "so many of

us have lost someone we love during pandemic and While AI can’t eliminate that pain but it can definitely make their memories last

The presentation left the

 impression that Amazon was pitching the service as a tool for digitally raising the dead

Prasad told it is not

about dead people, but about your grandma, if you want your kid to listen to grandma's  voice you can do that 

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