All The Possibilities Of  Doctor Strange 2

Tom Cruise Iron Man In

Rumors ain't gonna stop until the film really releases, but this time we even have proofs from the trailer itself and some obvious hints from the MCU creators themselves, and yes of course, a lot of Fan theories that actually make sense.

No Rumors But Proofs This Time

It's almost a year since Tom Cruise Iron Man Cameo has started getting on surface and recently after the Super Bowl Trailer for Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness, the rumors have even more weight than before as we are more clear just exactly how Tom Cruise Superior Iron Man Variant will be introduced to MCU.

Tom Cruise Superior Supremacy

MCU obviously won't ruin Robert Downey's Tony Stark Legacy, but since the exploration of "Multiverse" MCU possibly will introduce him as a variant of Tony Stark from another Universe, which is evil in comics btw, and called Superior Iron Man with a distinct Silver Suit without head gear and a Gem on his forehead.

Superior Who?

You Can Literally See Tom There

Rumors and Leaks left aside, you can literally see the variant "Superior Iron Man" glowing in anger in the super bowl trailer of Doctor Strange 2. If you zoom into it you may also find Tony's iconic beard there, as this version of Iron Man has no helmet instead a kind of infinity stone on his forehead.

The Reason Behind His Glow

Iron Man writer also hints at Tom Cruise cameo by tweeting about the superior Iron Man appearance - that this version is called the Endo-Sym armor, and it glows red-orange when he gets angry, he also shared that this version of tony also cured Daredevil's Blindness for once and took over the world with his virus disguised as an app.

More Weight To The Rumors

Now we also spotted some Ultron Bots in the movie, capturing Dr. Strange in high-tech shackles and take him to a trial room, where we see the first glimpse of 'Illuminati' in MCU. The members are hidden but in comics, Tony Stark, Black Panther, Black Bolt, Professor X, and Namor The Sub-Mariner are the members.

The Ultron Bots are Tony's creation, and in the comics the 'Illuminati' is founded by Tony Stark (of any one of the universes). Making the rumor about a Tony Stark cameo even stronger, and Tom Cruise fits perfect for this role, as he was the first choice for the role of Tony Stark, later played by Robert Downey.

The Dots Are Connecting...

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld gave the biggest hint of all, he revealed in a podcast that Marvel Studio is holding a lot of Private Screen Testing, and that's what actually causing all those leaks on twitter about Tom Cruise cameo, Professor X and even the Ghost Rider.

Deadpool Is More Reason To Believe

Marvel often Has Money Shot Moments that blows away fans expectations, just like when Cap lifted Thor's Mjolnir and even the Thor went crazy in Avengers: Endgame. Now that MCU have 'Multiverse' in arsenal, we can sure expect several Money Shot Cameo in Doctor Strange 2 

Crazy Money Shot Moments

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