All Doctor Strange 2 Cameos Are True Confirmed By 

Deadpool Creator

Cameo Fest Begins

Multiverse Of Madness is rumored to include a lot of cameos of popular comic book characters who appeared in non-MCU movies like Deadpool & X-men. Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld hint confirm some of them.

Few Are Against The Cameo-Fest

Some fans are against cameos of X-men and wolverine saying Fox gave them a good send off yet, others are quite oblivious, However, Deadpool creator and legendary comic book artist Rob Liefeld confirmed that Marvel's adding a ton of cameos to the Doctor Strange sequel.

Trial & Testing For Better Results

Liefled noted that Marvel is currently testing all cameos by showcasing the movie to people in private screenings. "Have either of you been caught trying to sneak into a screening of Doctor Strange 2? They are testing the s*** out of this movie.”

Testing A Lot May Ruin It

However, Liefeld also lamented the fact that these private test screenings has lead to a lot of leaks about the movie, which could ruin the enjoyment for many. "They’re testing it. It’s all getting out. We’re all guilty of hitting those hashtags, there’s always that one guy."

So We Can Expect Deadpool Cameo?

When asked about who he wants to see in the movie, Rob Liefeld had a straightforward answer as he would love to see his own creation in Deadpool, who's played by Ryan Reynolds to enter the MCU. "Well, is there a better time to promote Deadpool than this movie?"

Tough For Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise most probably won't make it as a variant of Iron-Man in Doctor Strange sequel, Tom Cruise is just too big to be called for such a short cameo just because of the fact that he was a choice to be cast as Iron-Man '15 years ago'.

Not All Rumors Are Rumors

So it seems like many of those rumors could actually be true as there is a vast possiblity for literally every well known hero to jump in from another universe. But Marvel's known for making unpredictable Money Shot cameos that usually surprise every fan.

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