Airbus Sending 3d Printer to   Factories

Space Station for Off-Earth

European aerospace company

 Airbus will send a metal-crafting 3D printer to the International Space Station next year

The printer, called Metal3D

can work with metals that melt at temperatures of up to 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit .

First metal 3D printer

on the space station, Airbus said in a statement will enable astronauts to print various tools.

 Future versions of the 

3D printer, the company added, will be able to make objects using lunar soil and also recycle parts from old satellites. 

 In a series of videos,

 Airbus along with 3D printer also showed off a robotic manipulator designed to assemble spacecraft. 

Airbus solution is

 to launch kit parts that will be assembled in space by the robotic arms from our space factory

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