A Star Is Reborn: How  The Earliest Light

Hubble Astronomers Saw

Mostly, The Telescope Gives

Us images of nearby galaxies in intricate detail, but those of distant galaxies are very murky indeed.

Astronomer Brian Welch

And his team, from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, discovered the star while hunting for hints of the earliest galaxies.

These Galaxies Are Very

Hard to see, and the team chose to examine a selection of images from the Hubble looking for clues.

Astronomers Aren’t Newcomers

When it comes to observing ancient light. Just this week it revealed incredible pictures of a galaxy as it was, half a billion years before Earendel.

Although This Surpasses

What we expected Hubble could do, it isn’t as remarkable a feat as resolving a single star, and when you see the shapeless smudge of that early galaxy,

In Detective Fiction

The sleuth uses a magnifying glass to study evidence left at the crime scene, moving the lens to magnify the clue.

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