A Potential New Meteor  Comet Has Experts Excited 

Shower from Shattered

This Memorial Day weekend,

 Earthlings — especially those in North America — might be treated to the sight of a new meteor shower. 

Those meteors could 

flare up when our planet passes through the pieces of a disintegrating comet called Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 (SW3)

 According to NASA,

 the meteor shower could amaze (or disappoint) overnight on Memorial Day and run into early Tuesday. 

SW3 is fairly close 

to the sun by comet standards; it completes an orbit of our star once every five years. 

In 1995, it started to

 break apart, shattering into dozens of smaller pieces and leaving behind a cloud of debris that continues to circle the sun.

The potential meteor

 shower offers a rare chance for astronomers to get their hands on some comet material.

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