A Meteor Really Hit  Left Citizens In Pain

Earth on March 30,

A Meteor Exploded Over Earth

The horrific meteor explosion left residents in Bloomington, Indiana shocked. Check the details next.

Things In The Space....

Can even impact our life on Earth. In recent incidents of a meteor hitting Earth was recorded in Bloomington, Indiana

Space.com Rrports

At precisely 12:44 p.m. EDT (1744 GMT) on March 30, a meteor exploded over Indiana.

The impact Was Shocking

For those who felt or saw it. In fact, surrounding counties were literally shaken by the sound of a massive explosion.

After Hearing The Loud...

Sound of the explosion, locals quickly took to social media to know what actually happened.

Shocked & Surprised To Know..

A meteor just exploded above their heads. The explosions was reported to have been heard for several tens of miles.

Sound Travels Much  Earth, Researchers Find

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