4 Planets Align Over  Friday Parade (Photo)

Manhattan In Dazzling Good

Jupiter, Venus, Mars And Saturn

Shine above city lights in a brightening predawn sky.

Astronomer Alexander Krivenyshev

Snapped a gorgeous shot this morning (April 15) of four planets aligned over Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Krivenyshev Took The Photo

At 5:36 A.M. EDT (0936 GMT) from Guttenberg, New Jersey, which is across the Hudson River from New York City.

It Shows...

Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn shining above city lights in a brightening predawn sky.

Amateur Astronomer Alexander Says

"With urban astrophotography, high clouds and light-polluted skies provide one a short window of time" to get such a shot.

On Friday Morning A Window...

Presented itself when Jupiter rose above a cloud layer while the other three planets were still visible higher in the sky.

Coverage Set For NASA’s  Events, Broadcast

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