Citizen Scientist Discovers 34 

New Ultracool Brown Dwarfs

Brown Dwarfs Are

Relatively cool, dim objects that have a size between that of a gas giant planet.

Sometimes Called Failed Stars

These objects are too small to sustain hydrogen fusion reactions at their cores.

Typically, They Have Masses

Between 11 and 80 times that of Jupiter, and are classified spectrally into M-, L-, T- and Y-type dwarfs.

Many Brown

Dwarfs would likely appear magenta or orange-red to the human eye.

Their Low Mass

Low temperature, and lack of internal nuclear reactions make them extremely faint and difficult to detect.

Despite the Abilities of Machine

Learning and supercomputers, the human eye is still a unique resource when it comes to scouring telescope images for moving objects.

Space Rocks May Have 

Bounced Off Baby Earth