Raksha Bandhan Quotes 2021: Happy Rakshabandhan Quotes Wishes and Images. (Happy Rakhi Quotes)

Raksha Bandhan Quotes celebrates the beautiful relationship between a brother and her sister, an ancient ritual or festival: Rakhi quotes to celebrate this beautiful bond.

See the best Rakshabandhan Quotes to celebrate this beautiful bond between siblings, A bond and promise of protecting and supporting your dear sister.

No matter how much you annoy or tease your siblings, Raksha Bandhan pulls out the unconditional love every sibling has for another.

It is a day of celebration with sweets and foods with the ritual of tieing Rakhi on the hands of the brother to indicate a sign of forever bonding.

In return, Brother gifts something to his sister out of love and promises to always protect her and support her.

This Rakhi, celebrate and shower your love on your siblings, post pictures on Instagram with the list of Happy Raksha Bandhan Quotes Below.

Wish your sister, not just a simple “happy RakshaBandhan” but look at our collection of Raksha Bandhan quotes for a far more beautiful sister than usual wishes.

You can find many Rakhi Wishes on this page, that are meant for not just brother-sister but every sibling whether only sisters or brothers.

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Raksha Bandhan Quotes 2021

Brother sister rakhi images

Sometimes being a brother is even far more fascinating than being a superhero

My brother may not be at my side always but he will be always in my heart.

A brother is a best friend the God gave you; a friend is a brother your heart chose for you

It takes upto two men to make one brother.

When you tie the Rakhi on my wrist and the every second I see it, reminds me of all the sweet memories we had together.

A brother is the best friend gisted to you from the universe.

Rakshabandhan rakhi images

A borther is a friend who was once a bother to you.

A brother is your first Best-Friend

I sought my spirit, but my spirit I could not see. I sought to my God, but my God evaded me. I sought my brother and I found the all three.

Brother-sisters are as close as the hands and the feet.

Our brothers & sisters are there with us from the first light of our personal stories to the assured gloom.

A brother/sister may be the keeper of one’s identity, the only one with the keys to one’s unbridled, more prime self.

Raksha bandhan wishes

Kids of the same family, the same blood, with the same first alliance and custom, have some means of delight in their power, which no ensuing bond can supply.

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Raksha Bandhan Quotes for Brother

Just FYI, you are being badly extremely missed. Love you to the stars and back. Happy Rakshabandhan

I may explore the universe over, there could not be a finer brother than you.

Missing those petty fights and expansive love which we share

Bro, you are the rationale for my smile. I thank the universe for choosing me your sister.

O…my brother- Until you are there with me in my life, I don’t see any need for a friend.

raksha bandhan quotes in english

You are the most fortunate brother ever cause you have a sis like me.

You are the cutest present that I got from my parents. Love you so much brother!

I have the bravest and most handsome brother. Thanks for being the finest one!!

To the brother who is reading this message: very dear to my soul and I love him the most!

No one can shower love, respect, tease, care and protect me as you do brother.

I feel very blessed to have such a kind-hearted and loving brother like you. Thanks a million for always being there for me. Have a blissful Raksha Bandhan.

raksha bandhan quotes for sister

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Rakhi Wishes for brother (Funny)

I am the divine dear of our home and you, the monster. But we love you anyways, and for this favor, you must be thankful to us. Happy Rakhi!

Don’t panic you are not an outsider! You are just like one of our family member. We all love you a lot. (You are adopted)

It snowed last year: I made a snowman and my brother knocked it down and I knocked my brother down and then we had a refreshing tea.

Not just a brother but you are a rival and an enemy. Ever competing and complaining! Happy Rakhi to my rival. 

Happy Rakshabandhan to you thick-head! I get your excuses for not buying Rakhi gift for me every year. I’m waiting to hear a new one this year too. 

I’ll wish to Bhagwan nightmares come true if you think to come without a gift this year too. 

Raksha Bandhan Quotes brother sister relation

Your sis is not an insatiable woman, so I can settle down with few thousand docks of all cash this time. Hope you understand my feeling. 

The time is tough, you can go out to buy gifts, there is a pay cut. Keep all this crap with you. I want my Raksha Bandhan gift, no matter what.

Hope you dare not to ignore the warning

Think how beautifully blessed you are that your sister is okay with just an iPhone 12 Pro. Happy Raksha bandhan Brother!

Just like Raksha bandhan is incomplete without Rakhi, Our bond is incomplete without a gift.

No sister would be missing their brother the way I am missing you on Raksha bandhan. happy rakhi brother, your sister is missing you a lot.

Your snoring was brutal, but on the day of Raksha Bandhan this is what I am missing. Happy rakshabandhan Bro.

Raksha Bandhan Illustration

To the most not-so-handsome brother on this earth, happy Raksha Bandhan from the most absolutely-beautiful sister.

Bad habits are really hard to forget, just like you my brother. Missing you on Raksha Bandhan.

Have a great Raksha Bandhan to you dear brother, I don’t miss you really but the gift, so don’t come any near.

Raksha Bandhan is the festival for the sister, be the person with vast soul, give some real cash and don’t act as a penny-pincher.

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Raksha Bandhan Quotes On Missing Your Sister

There is no fun in Raksha Bandhan festival when the sister is not here to for the rakhi. with a heavy heart, wish you a happy Raksha Bandhan!

I never wanted to share your love with anyone, but now, have to. Wish you a happy Raksha Bandhan, missing you terribly.

rakhi wishes for sister

I never wanted to share your love with anyone, but now, have to. Wish you a happy Raksha Bandhan, missing you a lot.

Don’t justify for not coming, because your brother is smarter than you think. Come home, we all are waiting. Happy Rakshabandhan!

The Rakshabandhan festival seems incomplete without you being here and I am without any gift. Wish you a Happy Rakshabandhan!

A brother-sister bind shares a relation that has more love than any other. Raksha bandhan is the festival of the same bond. Happy Rakshabandhan to you my sis. Missing you a lot today!

Although our notion never match, we still understand each other better than anyone else.

We two are the best mates in crime and no one could ever knock us. Happy Rakshabandhan to my sweet+evil sister. 

rakhi wishes for brother

Bearing a brother like this is not an easy task at all. Cherish you for doing that with such glee. Happy Rakshabandhan Sis.

I want to wish you a happy Rakshabandhan with all my love and care. Happy Raksha Bandhan loveliest sister.

Celebration is charmless without you, and Raksha Bandhan seems, has not even come. I miss you everyday, though we sre practically in the same home.

Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Remembering you on Rakhi cutest sister, stuffing your gifts. Happy Raksha bandhan to you.

This time, I am merciful on you for the fault but don’t wish me to do so everytime. Missing you a lot. Happy Raksha Bandhan, loveliest sister.

You are sachet, full of shocks and fun, I am really missing you a ton today on rakhi.

rakhi wishes cartoon illustration

Every Rakhi on my wrist reminds jogs my memory me how we fought in childhood for treats, attention and love. Miss u sis.

After your wedding, I learnt what it is like missing your sister. Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to you dear sister, we are missing you, this is the first time ever that we are celebrating rakhi without you. “

“You are the glamour of our house, every Raksha Bandhan we realise this. Have a great charming festival.”

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Raksha Bandhan Quotes for Sister (Funny)

Older siblings: The only person in the world who will pick on you for their own fun and beat up anyone else who tries even

It is a your Sister job to annoy his brother no matter how old they are.

rakhi quotes

I smile because you are my brother, I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it.

No… I will not share my iPod with you. It’s an iPod, not an usPod

Real joy is teasing your elder sister by being taller than her.

I’m sister has the coolest brother, I’m just saying

There are many benefits of being related to me, for instance: I’m your brother, you are very much welcome

This Raksha Bandhan would have been just another day for you. If you did not have a Caring brother like me to tie Rakhi to.

Rakhi celebration images

Rakhi Festival is a reminder that you have to thank God and your sister because you have me.

Today is the delightful day of joy of having my partner in crime offense who would always back me up to do the wrong in the best convincing way possible….

I always Thought why God brought you in my life and then I realised that he wanted to add some humor and trouble to my life….

When I first saw you, I lost all faith in God because if you can happen to me then anything can happen to me…. Cheers to our wonderful bond…

Thanks for giving me reminiscence full of scolding, fights, bruises and lot of drama…. My early years would have been so dull and boring without you…. Raksha Bandhan wishes to my naughty brother.

Those blessed with brothers/sisters can feel the pain of splitting their chocolates, clothes and parents…. Happy Raksha Bandhan to the sis who is the cruelest devilish angel to me.

quotes on raksha bandhan

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Best Raksha Bandhan Status and Shayari

Festival of the best duo has begun…..

There is just one man on the whole planet whom I can trust as my partner in crime…

Today is the day to get gifts and vows from the sweetest brother I have.

Skol on Raksha Bandhan to the brother who has been the cause for most of my troubles.

Celebrating 15th Raksha Bandhan with my sister who made my world a happier place. (Kidding, i was better off without her)

हम साथ पले और साथ हुए बड़े, हर सुख दुख बांटा बचपन से।

भाई बहन का ये रिश्ता हमेशा यूंही फले और फूले

happy rakshabandhan

पूजा की थाली को सजा कर कुमकुम और चावल…… राखी और मिठाई से……

बाहर ले आएगी मेरी प्यारी बहन अपने दुलार और प्यार से…… आओ साथ मिलकर मनाएं रक्षाबंधन का त्योहार।

Pooja ki thaali ko saja kar kumkum aur chawal… rakhi aur mithai se…. bhar le aayegi meri pyari behen apne dular aur pyar se…. Aao saath milkar manayein Raksha Bandhan ka tyohar.

किस्मत से हम आए इस दुनिया में भाई बहन के रिश्ते में बंधे…… पर खूब है हमारा प्यार जिसने रखा हमें हर घड़ी में एक साथ…….

Kismat se hum aaye is duniya mein bhai behen ke rishte mein bandhe…. Par khub hai humara pyaar jisne rakha humein har ghadi mein ek saath….. Happy Raksha Bandhan to you.

राखी बांधकर जिस तरह तुम जताती ही अपना प्यार….. मन यही दुआ करता है ईश्वर से की तुम पर सदा रहे खुशियों की बहार…….

Rakhi baandhar jis tarah tum jatati ho apna pyaar….. Mann yehi dua karta hai ishwar se ki tum par sada rahe khushiyon ki bahar….. Wishing Happy Rakhi to my sweet sister.

हर दुख से जिसने रखा मुझे दूर….. हर धूप में जो बना मेरा साया….. वो है मेरे हर सुख दुख का साथी, मेरा प्यारा भैय्या।

Har dukh se jisne rakha mujhe door….. Har dhoop mein jo bana mera saya…. Wo hai mere har sukh dukh ka saathi, meri pyara bhaiya…. Rakhi ki dhero shubhanayein bhaiya.

राखी के दिन जिनको आए हम पर बहुत प्यार…. साल का ये है वो दिन जब वो लेकर आते हमारे लिए तौफे हजार….. ऐसे भाई को हमारी तरफ से रक्षाबंधन की बधाईयां

Rakhi ke din jinko aaye hum par bahut pyar…. Saal ka ye hai wo din jab wo lekar aayein humare liye taufe hazar….. Aise bhai ko humari taraf se Raksha Bandhan ki badhaiyan.

आज का दिन है बहुत ही खास क्योंकि मेरी बहन के लिए मेरे पास है एक चीज खास….. एक वादा की तेरा भाई हमेशा तेरे aas pass हैं…….

Aaj ka din hai bahut hi khaas kyunki meri behen ke liye mere paas hai ek cheez khaas….. ek vaada ki tera bhai hamesha tere aas paas hai….. Happy Rakhi to you sister.

happy rakshabandhan image

रक्षाबंधन पर वादा है अपनी प्यारी बहन से की हमेशा रक्षा करूंगा उसकी हर दुख, हर मुश्किल, हर संकट से….. बहुत खुशी और प्यार के साथ बधाई हो राखी का त्योहार

Raksha Bandhan par wada hai apni pyar behen se ki hamesha raksha karunga uski har dukh, har mushkil, har sankat se….. bahut khushi aur pyar ke saath Mubarak ho Rakhi ka tyohar.

जिसने मुझे पाला है पापा की तरह, जो रहा है हमेशा मेरे साथ मेरे दोस्त की तरह…… राखी की बधाई हो उस भाई को जो है मेरी खुशियों का सहारा.

Jisne mujhe paala hai papa ki tarah, jo raha hai hamesha mere saath mere dost ki tarah…. Rakhi ki badhai ho us bhai ko jo hai meri khushiyon ka sahara.

हर दिन बस यही दुआ है भगवान से की मेरा भाई छुए तारिक्की की नई ऊंचाइयां….. भरा हो उसके जीवन में ढेरो खुशियां।

Har din bas yehi dua hai bhagwan se ki mera bhai chue tarikki ki nayi uchaiyan…. Bhara ho uske jeevan mein dhero khushiyan…. Happy Rakhi to you my bhaiya!!!

Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes

There’s no other warmth in love like the love for a brother. There is no other love like the love you get from a brother.

As we grew up, all my brothers showed like they didn’t care, but I always believed they look out for me and were there for me!

It’s hard to be responsible, mature and practical all the time. How great it is to have a sister whose heart is as blissful as your own.

Happy Raksha Bandhan2021 images

Sisters irritate a lot, interfere, and insult. Spoil in monumental sulks, in huffs, in snide remarks. Borrow. Break. Monopolize the bathroom. Are always underfoot. But if crisis should strike, sisters are there. Protecting you against all comers.

Cherish you my darling, and don’t forget you will always reside in my heart – oh stuffed so close there is no chance of break – of your sister. 

She is your mirror, gleaming back at you with a world of likelihood. She is your observer, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you unconditionally. She is your best mate in crime, your dark night companion, someone who knows when you are blushing, even in the dark. She is your best teacher, your defense attorney, your own press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she’s the only cause you wish you were an only child.

A sister is: your mirror – and your opposite, both simultaneously

We know each others faults, morality, crisis, mortifications, triumphs, rivalries, cravings, and how long we can each hang by our hands to a bar. We have joined forces together under pack codes and genetic laws. 

Our brothers and sisters, they resemble us just enough to make all their differences puzzling, and doesn’t matter what we choose to make of this, we are shed in connection to them our entire lives long.

happy raksha bandhan

Rakhi Quotes and Rakhi Wishes

Lovely brother, thanks for all the efforts you have done for me. Glad to have you as a brother. Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Even though I am far far away from you, but you will always be there in my heart, my soul. Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Doesn’t matter how far we are in this earth, I always know I have a brother looking out for me. You are my hanuman when I need you. Happy Raksha Bandhan

My darling brother, I know I fight with you a lot, but today, at an auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, I just want to tell you that you are my world, and being your sister is an honor to me.

You are the cause for my smile. I thank the gods for choosing me your sister.

You are one of the luckiest boy because you have a sweet sister like me. Happy Raksha Bandhan bro!

happy raksha bandhan wishes

I can say I have the loveliest and bravest brother on this earth. Thanks for being there, thanks for bein the best one!!

For Sister

The memories of us together may fade with time, but the utterly strong bond will grow even stronger between us.

I ways wish our lovely bond grows with every moment passes. Happy Raksha Bandhan to you dearest sister.

A sister is considered a delightful gift to live, joy to heart, and friend to evey brothers soul.

Sister, I vow to protect you always and support your back no matter what.

I Plead to the supreme lord on Raksha Bandhan to boon you with a blissful life.

happy raksha bandhan quotes

We will always remember what the bonds that we share mean to us. Wishing you a happy and joyous Raksha Bandhan, Dear Sister.

I might not say, I respect all you do, lavishly blessed is how I feel having you as a sister.

You are the one who held me during my sturdy hours and stood with me in my happy times. I always want you by my side.

This day, as a brother I plead to shri Krishna that he takes away all of your pain and stuff your life with joy and harmony.

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