53+ Unique Good Night My Love Quotes for Your Girlfriend and Wife.

Good night my love quotes that are uniquely sweet and lovely, best optimized to send them as good night love texts and messages to your girlfriend and wife.

So I have been searching on the web for some beautiful good night love quotes for my girlfriend but all that I found was cringe short simple good night my love quotes.

Which I really don’t like, I mean who would use these cringe quotes for their girlfriend, who would want to give an impression of a desperate boyfriend.

I seriously do not want that, because I’m neither cringe nor desperate instead I want to make her desperate for my love.

To have more control over the relationship from my side and have pretty good dominance over her, which is something my girl finds attractive and sexy as hell.

Losing my sexy attitude which is the first reason she was tempted to be with me is the last thing I want to happen, I could also use this excuse to break up by the way.

If things go wrong between us,
But let’s not hope for that.

Now you are most probably have a question on your mind that goes like this –

Okay Mr. Self claimed Sexy attitude guy
Why the hell were you even searching for the good night my love quotes if you’re so stud type, why do you even need them?

Well, first of all, I have been doing this since my first relationship with another girl, this is my third by the way if you are keen to know.

Second is –
this is included in the list of my ‘how to be dominant and let her crave for you’ list at number three.

Good Night My Love Quotes for Girlfriend

Without looking cringe or losing my dominance over her at all,
I have always used such love quotes and messages to get ideas to impress her for a long time now.

All these things available on the web are actually really useful and helpful which might seem cringe and outdated to many hunk-wanna-be guys out there.

Things like – Cute good night quotes for your love or Good night love text and other good night my love quotes,

I agree that many websites show some cringe and simple lines which I would never try to hit with on some pretty girl.

So what’s my secret mantra to use this good night my love quotes in such a way that I never lose my dominance.

One thing you need to understand first is – Being an alpha in a relationship with dominance over the other, doesn’t mean you have to become rude and arrogant.

Ignoring and giving less attention to your lover’s side of the things like how they feel or if they want something from you.

Being dominant doesn’t mean you actually have to show dominance by making your lover feel weak in the relationship by not listening to your lover.

Such things will lead to an end of your relationship, or maybe this would force them to dump your arrogant ass.

Even if your lover doesn’t dump you or whatever happens between you two, they will get hurt and you would not want that if you are a real lover

Showing your love towards your partner making them feel lucky and blessed to have doesn’t mean you are the weak one in the relationship

Send them cute good night love texts and let them know they’re on your mind and you have been missing them.

This is what I do –
I will let you know my secrets.

I modify or let’s say make these cringe nonusable good night my love quotes and text messages available on the web more creative.

Creativity is a must if you want to make these quotes more relatable with your relationship and relatability is what I look for in a quote.

Maybe not always a quote, you can look for good night memes as well or funny girlfriend or boyfriend memes on the web to send them as good night messages.

Lovely Good Night Quotes

My mantra is pretty simple,

Make her feel like she’s the only one in this whole world for you. Do it for real do not fake it, girls are smart they’ll know if you fake it

I send Good morning as well as good night love texts to her, but with a bit of my own creativity like –
Using her name in the text to make her more attentive.

This is a little hack you can use if your lover or anyone isn’t replying to your text. Wait for few minutes and then send her a text with their name mentioned.

I guarantee you they’ll respond soon. Mentioning someone’s name makes them more attentive just like when you call someone and without a second thought, they’ll look towards you.

Some other personal tips I use are –
adding fun and humor to the texts.

Never send just plain copy-paste good night love quotes to your partner.
Always try to add humor to it,

Without some fun, it wouldn’t intrigue your lover that much.

you have to bring a smile on their face when they look at your good night text. that’s what makes them remember these little moments

Which in turn, brings about a big change in your relationship over time. Keep doing such small efforts for your lover and it will have a snowball effect in the long run.

You will surely be able to make your lover desperate for you if you follow all these tips I just shared with you for long period consistently

consistency is required,
or it would be hard for them to remember like – oh you did something really cute at night last month on that day.

You get my point, send her such good morning and good night sweet love texts consistently that it does the reverse of the previous line.

Make them forget when the last time you didn’t put effort into making their nights rememberable with your cute little texts.

Make sure to not become arrogant and hurt your lovers feeling in the way to become alpha or dominant one in the relationship.

Good Night My Love Quotes Sweet Messages

Honey, this is just to let you know that I’m thinking of you as I lie down in my bed. Have a good night and dream about me because I will surely see you in my dreams.

As you hit the bed, know that this night will not last forever, but our love will. You are the best thing in my life, sweetheart. I love you so much. Good night.

I want to always be on your mind and heart like you are always in mine. Good night, my love.

May your dreams be as soft and lovely as your tender kiss. Good night my Princess

May your dreams be as soft and lovely as your tender kiss. Good night my Princess.

I love you like the flower rose love rain, like walking together down memory lane. Sleep tight my Love.

May your bolster be soft, your blankets are warm, and your mind is filled with thoughts of how much I love you. Good night my Love.

Baby Girl Count the stars, count sheep, count your blessings, and count on me to love you forever.

Baby Girl Count the stars, count sheep, count your blessings, and count on me to love you forever

I sleep in harmony at night knowing that I have such an amazing man to share my life with. I look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. Until the morning, my sweet love!

I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have the delight of saying hello to you each morning and goodbye to you each night. May the most pleasant dreams greet you, sweetheart.

Even in my dreams, I know you’ll be there for me. Goodnight, my knight in shining armor. I love you to the moon and back.

Good Night Miss You Texts for Love

baby, I can’t believe my day has ended without you by my side. There is not a thing more I want in this life than to have you in my arms always. I love you, miss you, and crave you so much. Good night and have sweet dreams. How I wish you were here by my side.

I hate this – we are so far away from each other tonight. However, I take comfort knowing that we are in each other’s minds and hearts. I miss you so much, honey. Good night and have pleasant dreams.

Good night, sweet pie. I extremely miss your presence and warmth tonight. May tomorrow bring us closer to each other.  Sleep tight, and have sweet dreams.

Good night, my sweetie. I will think about you and crave you all night long

Good night, my sweetie. I will think about you and crave you all night long.

As I get into bed, all I think about right now are your hot kisses and smiles. I miss you so much, honey. Good night.

Love, do you know how much I crave you? I crave you like a parched land misses the rain. Have a blissful night.

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Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

Enjoy a sweet remembrance of our day as peaceful slumber overtakes you and fills you with a well-earned rest.

Open your warm heart, and close your beautiful eyes. Feel my love reach beyond the skies.

You’re the princess of my world, the sparkle in my night sky, the sunshine on my picnic. I love you. Sleep well, my Love!

You’re the princess of my world, the sparkle in my night sky, the sunshine on my picnic. I love you. Sleep well, my Love!

I’m visualizing your beautiful eyes reading this, while your skin glows softly in the light of your phone, and your hair lies gently against your skin. I wish I was there.

This night, the miracle of love ties up our hearts in faith, and comforts us, so that we know we will see each other again.

When I say my good night devotion, you’re the first thing I thank God for. I’m asking Him to send extra love to you tonight since I can’t be by your side. Sweet dreams, honey.

The only thing sugary than having you as my man during the day is having you in my dreams at night. Goodnight, baby

The only thing sugary than having you as my man during the day is having you in my dreams at night. Goodnight, baby.

Our love is a rushing torrrent, loud and strong, beautiful and deep. I long to feel its passion again, but now, my beloved, we sleep.

If any monstrosity comes out from under your bed, they will be mesmerized by your beauty, so don’t fear and get some sleep.

I take consolation in knowing we’re both looking at the same moon. It makes me feel close to you, even though we’re miles apart. Until the sun rises, my love.

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